Anastopoulo: Give the Money Back

Democratic nominee for South Carolina Attorney General Constance Anastopoulo today released a statement demanding that any state legislator or politically-connected group who has taken money from SCANA return the money immediately to the charity of his/her choice.

“In South Carolina, State Senators, State Representatives, U.S. Congressmen, the Governor’s Office, and the Attorney General’s Office have all benefited from the campaign donations of SCANA. Since 2000, SCANA has given nearly $1.25 million to both Democrats and Republicans. Meanwhile, in that time span, SCANA has taken advantage of S.C. ratepayers. They attempted to build a nuclear plant on the backs of taxpayers by choosing to conceal the failings of the project even as it continued. Then, once it was clear the plant wouldn’t be completed, SCANA stuck the plant’s 9 billion-dollar price tag onto the power bills of South Carolinians. Although ratepayers are currently experiencing a short-term break in their power bills, come January, the rates will go right back up again to pay for SCANA’s irresponsible behavior.”

“Because of this company’s mismanagement and improper behavior, I believe any politician who received donations from SCANA should give the donation back to a charity of his/her choice - immediately. This includes donations given to their campaigns by anyone who is or has been a member of the SCANA board of directors, officers, their family members and of SCANA’s PACs.”

“I hope that my opponent, the governor, and both my Democratic and Republican friends can make this commitment today. If we are truly committed to doing right by the ratepayers of this state, then we should all do the right thing and rid ourselves of all SCANA contributions. How can they say they are looking out for ratepayers when they have taken money from this company, money that belongs to the ratepayers not to politicians? The truth is - they can’t. I won’t take their money. No one should take their money. And we should focus on doing everything we can to get the money paid by the ratepayers back as soon as possible.”

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