Statement from Constance Anastopoulo on Hurricane Florence Price Gouging: Alan Wilson Missing in Action

Democratic nominee for South Carolina Attorney General, Constance Anastopoulo, released a statement today concerning the current AG’s Office’s lack of urgency when it comes to the enforcement of the state’s anti-price gouging law:

As the top law enforcement officer in the State of Carolina, Attorney General Alan Wilson should be proactively ready to enforce the anti-price gouging law to protect our citizens during storms like Hurricane Florence. Instead, he puts more work on our already thinly stretched cities and towns, that are focused on recovery, and does nothing. That’s not leadership.

The State reported yesterday that there was zero action taken after the over 400 complaints filed regarding price gouging in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew. Anastopoulo said, “It is not surprising that unscrupulous business owners in South Carolina have the confidence to gouge again. AG Alan Wilson is missing in action to protect South Carolinian’s during a crisis and during recovery. The emotional and financial costs of natural disasters are traumatic enough, and everyone in South Carolina deserves to be able to get through a hurricane without price gouging. Unfortunately, Wilson does not seem to agree.”

Anastopoulo: Give the Money Back