My Platform


I got into this race because I want to bring honor and trust back to the office of AG, and the people of South Carolina deserve better. I will begin with:           



1. Real ethics reform. I will push our legislature for stronger laws for transparency and ethics reform to bring about real change.

2. I will set up a triple-check Ethics review system that includes an independent ethics oversight committee and judicial review.  I will also have a rigorous "in-house" conflicts of interest check system to ensure the office of AG is is above reproach.

3. As an experienced litigator, I will attack the opioid epidemic by moving S.C. to the front of the line to make the drug manufacturers responsible for the devastation caused by their addictive drugs.  I have already done this in the private sector, representing hundreds of S.C. residents addicted to OxyContin and we were able to successfully get the manufacturer to pay for the cost of treatment for these plaintiffs.

4. I will fight for women!   I will fight to bring a domestic violence shelter to every county in S.C. and I will also strengthen the enforcement of laws against domestic violence.  I will fight to limit access to guns for domestic abusers.  I will fight to end the gender pay gap because women deserve equal pay for equal work.

Together we can bring real change to S.C. in this election and justice for all of us.