Together we can bring real change to South Carolina and justice for all.

Ethics REform

I will push our legislature for stronger laws for transparency and ethics reform to bring about real change.  As chief law enforcement officer of the state, the AG should enforce the laws, not interfere in the process.

Opioid crisis

I will attack more strongly the opioid epidemic personally handling the litigation in S.C. to make the drug manufacturers responsible for the devastation caused by their addictive drugs.  I have already done this in private practice in 2005.  Why did it take S.C. so long to join this fight while in the meantime, our citizens are suffering from addiction?

fight for women

We deserve equal pay for equal work.  I will work to end the gender pay gap.  I will also strengthen the enforcement of laws against domestic violence.



Decades of experience.

I'm an ethics professor, a seasoned litigator, and ready to fight for the people of South Carolina.


I seek the position of Attorney General because the people of South Carolina deserve an Attorney General who, as the chief law enforcement officer of the state, enforces the law instead of interfering with the process.

— Constance Anastopoulo